Daily Devotion for Tuesday 5th December 2023

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Tuesday, 5 December 2023 Death – the connecting link to Living well

This mingling of life, death and falling is not so strange that we cannot even know where we truly are, for our perceptions are so sundered from each other that we can’t tell what is real

Julian of Norwich –  Revelations of Divine Love

For most people, one of the most challenging statements is that dying is part of living, for we are on the path of dying from the moment we take our first breath as an infant. Our time on earth may be short for some, and we particularly think of infants and children who die young, and for others years roll by longer, but to have life in focus, we must have death in our field of vision.
Within this vision we see life as a preparation for death, and death as a preparation for life. Death is an event in life, and is an essential part of our life process.

If we are to meet our own death without fear, then we must allow the rays of life’s sunlight to touch our souls, to accept that we cannot live forever, and to make the most of each precious moment. We contribute to humanity and to the Kingdom of God through our understanding of our purpose and why we are here.
As an End-of-Life Doula, one of my roles is to help people reflect on their life, and to assist in writing an Advanced Statement. This document is acknowledging that  important milestones have happened in their life, people and events which they hold dear, and as death approaches, they may want to write letters to friends they have not seen for a long time, seek forgiveness to those they have hurt, enjoy their favourite food or do or watch activities they have enjoyed in their life.  
When our ultimate ‘moving day’ arrives, are we ready?
God who moves within the veil of life and death,
allow the rays of life’s sunshine bathe my soul
to enable me to fly to a place of rest.
Allow my stories to be heard
to enable laughter to ring in the ears of people I love.
Allow my love and energy cascade to others
to replace fear with hope.
Allow my life to be purposeful
so I may embrace death, 
knowing I have given my all for others. Amen

Today’s writer

The Rev’d Ruth Dillon is a retired URC minister, member at Glenorchy URC, Exmouth and the Quakers Community, Exmouth and an End of life Doula with End of Life UK and with Dying with Grace, affordable South Devon Doula Support 

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